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Dr Kishore shares The Unknown Story of Mehboob Khan and Mother India with SBS Australia

Dr Vikrant Kishore spoke with Director/Producer Mehboob Khan's grandson Afzal Khan. He informs us how Mehboob Khan was drowned in debts to complete his Magnum Opus. He had no money to go to LA for the Oscars or market his film, he turned to India's then Prime Minister Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru for help.l Mother India was a project very close to his heart! So close to his heart that when Mother India missed out the Award for best foreign film at the Oscars in 1958 by just one point, Mehboob Khan suffered a heart attack! Such was his passion for this film and his belief in upholding feminism.

Dr Vikrant Kishore gives us some rare glimpses into the master movie makers personal life and journey from a horse shoe maker to a movie Moghul.

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