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World's Music and My Dance! A film by Vikrant Kishore

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

World's music and my Dance! is the third part of a series of films on Chhau Dance, a mask dance drama from the eastern part of India.

This film showcases the journey of a 12 member Chhau Dance group from a small village in West Bengal, India, along-with a Rajasthani Folk Dance group from Jaipur to Europe. On an invitation from Association Nationale et Cultures (ANCT, France), the two Indian group of artists traveled extensively throughout France, and Switzerland and gave special performance of their dance and culture in various international folk festivals, and held dance and music workshops. The film explores various moments of their journey, and captures their emotions and reactions of being in a different part of the world, interacting, and socializing with the local people. The filmmaker focuses primarily on the Chhau Group especially its lead dancers Lalit, and Viren to share their experience of cultural exchange in Europe, specifically in the CIOFF, Unesco promoted world folklore festivals, which believes in global harmony, and world peace. Director/Camerperson/Editor: Vikrant Kishore Produced by: Cine Nirvana Productions in Association with Association National Cultures et Tradition, France. Year of Production: 2009

Duration: 60 minutes

Copyright: Cine Nirvana Productions of Vikrant Kishore

(NOTE: This is a 15 minutes promotional preview version. For the full version DVD contact

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