About Dr Vikrant Kishore

Dr Kishore is an academic, filmmaker, photographer, author and a journalist; he has more than 30 documentaries, web-series and corporate films to his credit. Currently working at Deakin University as a Senior Lecturer in Screen and Design, he is the Course Director for Film, Television and Animation. Dr Kishore has been actively working for the safeguard and preservation of the cultural heritage of East India, especially Chhau dance. He has been a jury member of various film festivals. Dr Kishore’s areas of research are Indian Cinema, Intangible Cultural Heritage, reality television programmes and the issues of caste politics in India.


My Latest Projects

Pariza's Lockdown Diary 2020.jpg

Synopsis: Covid-19 lockdown through the eyes of a six-year-old Pariza Mira Kishore. During the 2020 Covid-19 onslaught, while most of the adults were stressed and anxious with the changing situation across the globe (economic impact, border closures, job cuts etc.) for young kids it was something different, it was a time to stay at home 24x7 with parents, have fun, dream a little more, and explore the online world. This short film provides a sneak-peek into six-year-old Pariza’s life during the seven months lockdown in Melbourne, Australia.


International Conference on Intangible Cultural Heritage

World Folklore Festival, Gannat, France 2020

Storytelling through Masks: Ritual, Religion, Resistance

Date: 16th October 2020 www.gannatconference.com

DTTB II poster.jpg

Dancing to the Tunes of Bollywood II

This documentary analyses the role of the Indian folk dance forms in Indian cinema, in particular, Hindi/Bollywood cinema. Utilising interviews with filmmakers, dance experts, performers and Bollywood fans, the documentary brings to the fore discussions regarding how Bollywood song-dance sequences are having considerable influence on the traditional folk dance forms of India, both in terms of form and content.

Richa Desi Life Poster.jpg

It's My Desi Life

With a strong multicultural theme – Indian heart, Australian heartbeat, this web-series focuses on Australians of Indian heritage and how they proudly represent a fine blend of the two distinct culture… the fourteen episodes of the series highlight the protagonist’s journey from India to Australia (or vice-versa), their struggle and success, and how they meld their own culture with local mores. The aim of the series is to celebrate diversity and to create awareness about the Australian Indians and their approach towards adapting to a new life in multi-cultural Australia. Each episode ends with the question - what makes them an Australian-Indian?


Research Area

As a creative practitioner and researcher, my focus areas are Indian and Asian Cinema, Intangible Cultural heritage (performing arts), folk and popular culture, reality television programmes, factual web-series (cultural diversity and inclusion, stories of diaspora and belonging), caste politics, and race issues. My research outputs include traditional (books/edited books, articles, book chapters) and non-traditional outputs, such as video (documentaries, short films, music videos), web-series, curation of film festival and multi-media exhibition.


Creative Research

Through creative research projects, I aim to question, observe and capture stories of cultural flows and its impact on current practices, and future sustenance. I like to integrate traditional cultural practices with new media technologies to archive, create digital exposition, collaborate on multi-media media exhibitions and festivals.

I am working on two specific research areas since 2012, both research areas have strong aspects of "motion and creativity" attached to it - 1. Cultural creativity and continuity/Culture in Motion 2. Motion Pictures.