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Richa Desi Life Poster.jpg

It's my Desi Life
A Web-Series

With a strong multicultural theme – Indian heart, Australian heartbeat, this web-series focuses on Australians of Indian heritage and how they proudly represent a fine blend of the two distinct culture…

The fourteen episodes of the series highlight the protagonist’s journey from India to Australia (or vice-versa), their struggle and success, and how they meld their own culture with local mores. The aim of the series is to celebrate diversity and to create awareness about the Australian Indians and their approach towards adapting to a new life in multi-cultural Australia. Each episode ends with the question - what makes them an Australian-Indian?

The series has been received quite well online, with more than 30,000 views on average and engagement of more than 150,000 per episode. In total, the 14 episodes have crossed more than 500,000 views and online engagement of around 2 million. It is the highest watched web series for SBS Hindi online till date.