About the Project

DTTB Chapter 1:

Indian cinema is the largest film industry in terms of films produced and ticket sales annually. The academic interest in Indian cinema is scant, especially in the field of song and dance sequences. Even though, Bollywood or Hindi Cinema is gaining popularity worldwide, but what is relatively unknown is the origin of the term Bollywood and why song and dance plays an important role in Indian cinema till date? Thus, this question resulted in a research based film – structured around three main questions – 1. What is Bollywood? 2. The Role of Song and Dance in Bollywood? 3. Item Numbers?

DTTB Chapter 2:

This film focuses on the folk dance forms of India; therefore, this contributes immensely in the field cultural studies. Especially the discussion on Chhau/Bhangra dance form brings forth the debate on the impact of popular cinema on the traditional dance and theatre (Chhau has been included in “Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO, 2010). this film provides a different perspective of globalisation and modernisation through the changes that are shaped in the folk dance forms through cinema. 

This film is one of the first to analyse the impact of Bollywood cinema on the folk dance forms of India; with specific case studies of folk dance forms such as Bhangra and Chhau. Bollywood song and dance sequences have been much of a point of discussion and debate in the academic circle; this film provides an overview of the construction, stylisation, design and depiction of folk song and dance sequences in Bollywood.