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Pariza’s Lockdown Diary 2020

The Covid-19 lockdown experience of six-year-old Pariza Mira Kishore

Synopsis: Covid-19 lockdown through the eyes of a six-year-old Pariza Mira Kishore. During the 2020 Covid-19 onslaught, while most of the adults were stressed and anxious with the changing situation across the globe (economic impact, border closures, job cuts etc.) for young kids it was something different, it was a time to stay at home 24x7 with parents, have fun, dream a little more, and explore the online world. This short film provides a sneak-peek into six-year-old Pariza’s life during the seven months lockdown in Melbourne, Australia. The film is an afterthought, the videos were shot mostly on phone cameras that Pariza’s Mum & Dad collected just for memory sake, but eventually realized how great and transformative time this was for Pariza, to learn new things, understand the world in a new perspective, and most of all, being herself while adding a smile, cheer, and happiness in everyday life! We hope you enjoy Pariza’s Lockdown Diary 2020!

Title of the Project: Pariza’s Lockdown Diary 2020

Duration: 26mins.     Language: English.    Year of Production: 2021

Producer/Director: Kirti Sehrawat & Vikrant Kishore


Kirti Sehrawat

The seven months lockdown period during COVID-19 was very challenging, but for Pariza initially it was a perplexing time, with questions like - why can't she go to school, meet her friends, why can't she go out to have fun... led her to form her own ideas of the lockdown, the scare of Covid-19, and new found connections via online media.

I tried to capture her everyday antics, and also get her views on various things that she was doing during the lockdown. This started more as my own record keeping of Pariza's activities and point of view, but realised that this is a very important time to document, and turn it into a short film.

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Vikrant Kishore

This film is an afterthought, a product of COVID-19 lockdown…

the videos were shot on phone cameras (Samsung S10+ and Huawei P30 pro), that we collected just for memory sake, but decided to convert the video clippings into this short film after realizing how great and transformative this time was for Pariza, to learn new things and understand the world in a new perspective. Her smile, her laughter, her quirks, her everyday exploits kept us entertained, and brought cheer and happiness during the mundane, routine lockdown life!

This is our story of hope, love, and celebration of life during the times of COVID-19!


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