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Addressing the Rise of Caste Discrimination in Australia: Dr Kishore's Perspective in The Guardian

In a critical article by Karishma Luthria for The Guardian, I contributed to the conversation on the rising issue of caste discrimination in Australia. As migration from South Asia increases, the Indian community, especially Dalits, faces growing concerns about caste biases. The article cites cases like Rakesh Kumar's, who encountered caste-based questions even in professional settings in Australia. This highlights the deep-rooted and pervasive nature of caste discrimination in the diaspora.

As an academic and co-author of a submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission's National Anti-Racism Framework Scoping Report, I emphasized recognizing casteism as an intersectional system of discrimination. The article underscores the importance of acknowledging and addressing caste discrimination alongside other forms of racism, with insights from various community members and experts. The Australian Human Rights Commission's commitment to creating an anti-racism framework, including considerations of caste discrimination, marks a crucial step towards legislative protection for those experiencing discrimination.

This piece sheds light on the urgent need for awareness, community consultations, and legal measures to combat caste discrimination in Australia. It’s a clarion call for action to diagnose and address this 'disease' before it becomes unmanageable.

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