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Bollywood comes to Melbourne - Dr Kishore's work on RMIT Indian Film Festival 2016

Dr. Vikrant Kishore, a prominent figure from the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University, plays an important role in the upcoming Festival of Indian Cinema in Melbourne. This festival, scheduled from December 1 to 4, promises to be a vibrant showcase of Indian film, featuring a total of 21 movies including Bollywood blockbusters like "Pink."

Key Highlights of Dr. Kishore's Contribution:

  • International Conference: Dr. Kishore's involvement extends to an international conference where eminent speakers will share insights on various facets of Indian cinema.

  • Focus on Australian-Indian Cinema Collaboration: The conference will explore the intricacies of producing Indian content in Australia, including co-productions and collaborations, and will feature a Question and Answer session with filmmakers.

  • Diverse Film Lineup: The film festival, under Dr. Kishore's guidance, will present a diverse array of films ranging from Bollywood hits to indie and cross-over films, alternative cinema, and regional movies.

  • Discussion of Contemporary Issues: Dr. Kishore emphasizes the festival's role in facilitating discussions on content creation, funding, and distribution across both traditional and new media platforms, and the production of content targeted at Indian audiences in Australia.

Special Screenings:

  • Opening Film: The festival will open with "Pink," a major Bollywood film directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury.

  • Closing Premiere: The closing film is the Australian premiere of "Kachru Mazha Bapa" (My Father’s Name Was Garbage), directed by Mukesh Jadhav.

With Dr. Kishore's expertise and leadership, the Festival of Indian Cinema in Melbourne is set to be a significant event for film enthusiasts, offering a unique blend of cinematic experiences and insightful discussions.

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