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Celebrating South Asian Cinema: Dr Vikrant Kishore's role in SAFFA as Featured in Public Telegraph

In a recent Q&A with Public Telegraph, I discussed my role as the co-director of the inaugural South Asian Film Festival of Australia (SAFFA). This festival, a significant event in Sydney, showcased the South Asian films and culture. It aimed to bridge the gap in representation for South Asian talent, particularly in short and experimental films. With over 2,000 film submissions, SAFFA highlighted diverse narratives, including a special focus on films made by South Asian filmmakers in Australia. The festival’s success was marked by the enthusiastic reception from over 500 attendees and the presentation of awards to films like 'Helicopter Tjungarrayi' and 'Aamir – A Trial for Life'.

As we look to the future, SAFFA is committed to fostering a vibrant community of filmmakers and continuing to showcase the evolving landscape of South Asian cinema in Australia.

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