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Comparing Countries´ Compassion Towards Sex Workers

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

FILM PROMO/TRAILER (duration: 5min;20secs)

Comparing Countries´ Compassion towards sex workers - Chapter 1: India

(Duration:40 minutes)

Jessie, a sex worker, and a sex work activist from Australia, is proud and passionate about her work, and wants to create awareness, and educate people about safe sex practice. Jessies mission is to meets other peer educators and celebrate the achievements on combating HIV in minority groups such as sex workers across the world. In her quest to do so, Jessie starts meeting people from different walks of life to reach out to other parts of world, to experience, and educate herself about how peer education, and safe sex practice is taking place, as well as to share her own experiences as a sex worker, and a peer educator. Jessie, is able to rope in a documentary filmmaker from India, Vikrant Kishore, whom she met at a conference in Melbourne; and suddenly finds herself packing her bags to go to India to participate in one of the Worlds biggest sex workers conference to take place in Kolkata, and do some peer education in New Delhi's infamous red light district G.B Road. The film focuses on the journey of Jessie, and the various people she meets, from sex workers, pimps, sex work activists, voluntary workers, children of the sex workers, and NGO personnel. In cinema vérité style, the documentary follows Jessie in her trip to New Delhi, and Kolkata, and brings out various moments of exploration of the situation of sex workers, and awareness towards the problem of STDs, specifically HIV, and AIDS, according to Jessies perspective. This journey proves to be a catalyst for Jessie, and bestows her strength to work with renewed vigor for spreading awareness about safe sex practice across the world. Jessie is currently editing the second chapter of the series shot in USA, and is preparing for the third chapter shoot in Australia.

CREW: Director & Editor: Vikrant Kishore

Producer: Seranna

Associate Producer: Kamal Akhtar

Production Manager: Arvind Kumar

Cameraperson (India): Imteyaz Siddiqui

Cameraperson (Australia): Vikrant Kishore

Associate Editor: Sumantra Sarathi Das

Assistant Producer: Pawan Kumar

Legal Advisor; Vivek Kishore

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