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Dr Kishore's keynote at Gold Swan Film Festival, Hangzhou focuses on the Stories of the Marginalised

Dr. Vikrant Kishore recently graced the 6th Gold Swan Film Festival in Hangzhou, China, as the keynote speaker. His compelling presentation delved into the power of large-scale web platforms like Facebook and YouTube in amplifying the voices of marginalized individuals and communities.

His insights are rooted in his direct involvement with groundbreaking web series such as "My Desi Life" for SBS and the participatory documentary projects on Chhau Dance. These initiatives have played a crucial role in facilitating the sharing, preservation, and widespread dissemination of diverse narratives, especially from lesser-heard voices.

Dr. Kishore's used his work as an example for fostering inclusive storytelling and social change. His presentation at the festival not only highlighted the evolving landscape of digital activism but also set the stage for deeper exploration into how these platforms can continue to serve as powerful tools for social empowerment and cultural preservation.

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