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Dr Kishore's Keynote at the 3rd International Conference on Social Development and Media Comm 2023

Dr Vikrant Kishore was one of the distinguished keynote speakers at the 3rd International Conference on Social Development and Media Communication 2023 in Xishuang Banna,China.

Dr Kishore's presentation was on the following:

Title: Fostering Intercultural Dialogue towards Societal Sustainability: Assessing Ethnic Indian-Australian News Media in Australia

Abstract: Building on UNESCO's (2015) advocacy for "inclusive social development, intercultural dialogue, and ethical principles", this paper examines the influence of Ethnic Indian Media in Australia on societal sustainability. Withover 30 years of presence, this media has struggled to broaden its reach in the Indian-Australian community dominated by mainstream Indian and Australian media. Although historically focused on local endeavors and business, the rise of social media has broadened their coverage. Yet, gaps persist in addressing diaspora-specific issues in mainstream discussions. The 2022 launch of the Independent Multicultural Media Australia (IMMA) marks revitalizing of ethnic media by promoting equity and strengthening community-government relations. This article seeks to answer: 1. How has the nature, ownership, and evolution of Indian-Australian news media in Australia shaped its current landscape and influence? 2. Ethnic Indian-Australian news media’s contribution to societal sustainability challenges. Using Pierre Bourdieu's 'cultural capital' framework and the Intercultural Communication Theory, this article stresses ethnic media's critical role as conveyors of collective cultural values, emphasizing their importance in fostering intercultural relationships (Bourdieu, 1984, 1996; Stadler et al., 2023). Through interviews with established Indian-Australian journalists/media owners (of newspapers and websites operational between 2017-2022), I critically evaluate their perspectives and emphasis on societal sustainability.

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