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Dr Vikrant Kishore's Keynote on AI and Media at Tilak School of Journalism's Conference

The Tilak School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Chaudhary Charan Singh University recently hosted a groundbreaking one-day international conference, centering on the theme: "Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Opportunities and Threats for Media." This conference brought together industry leaders, academics, and technology enthusiasts to explore the multifaceted role of AI in the media landscape.

Dr. Kishore, a prominent figure in the field of media and academia, was the keynote speaker and guest of honor at this event. In his comprehensive address, Dr. Kishore delved into the essence of AI, emphasizing its rapidly increasing integration into everyday life, particularly in the realms of media and academia.

His talk highlighted the advancements in generative AI, a technology that has become increasingly prevalent. By presenting real-world examples from India, Dr. Kishore effectively illustrated how generative AI is reshaping content creation and information dissemination in the country.

A significant portion of his presentation was dedicated to analyzing the evolving relationship between AI and the film and news media industries. Dr. Kishore discussed how these sectors are adapting to and harnessing AI, emphasizing the technology's potential to revolutionize content creation and distribution. However, he also addressed the challenges and ethical considerations that come with AI integration, advocating for a balanced and conscientious approach.

One of the highlights of Dr. Kishore's talk was his reference to a recent assembly of technology leaders in Washington, D.C. This meeting, he noted, underscored the global importance of AI and its impacts across various sectors. Dr. Kishore used this reference to advocate for an ethical, transparent, and responsible approach to AI development and implementation, emphasizing the need for international cooperation and dialogue in this rapidly evolving field.

The conference concluded with a panel discussion. This session provided a platform for experts to share their insights and engage in a lively debate on the future of AI in media and academia.

The event at the Tilak School of Journalism and Mass Communication marks a significant milestone in the discourse surrounding AI, setting the stage for future discussions and developments in this dynamic and ever-evolving field.

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