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Exploring the Allure of Bollywood Item Numbers with Dr. Vikrant Kishore

In an insightful exploration of Bollywood's captivating item numbers, Dr. Vikrant Kishore, a Senior Lecturer at RMIT University in Melbourne and an expert on Bollywood cinema, sheds light on their role in enhancing the allure of Indian films. In a detailed interview with SBS Hindi, Australia, Dr. Kishore discusses the evolution and significance of these musical and dance performances that, while not central to a movie's plot, are instrumental in showcasing the stars' charisma and boosting the film's marketability.

He further exemplifies this cultural phenomenon through a unique project – a Bollywood-style music video shot entirely in Newcastle, Australia, featuring actress Zarine Khan. This video, described by Dr. Kishore as a quintessential fun Bollywood sequence with comical animations, including the animated "Bolly Dog," aims to captivate audiences, encouraging them to connect with and emulate the iconic dance moves. This initiative not only celebrates the vibrancy of Bollywood's item numbers but also serves as a cultural bridge, bringing the lively spirit of Indian cinema to Australian audiences.

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