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Vikrant's Message for Gannat Festival, France 2020

Dr Kishore's video message for "Gannat International Folklore Festival, France".

The Gannat folklore festival could not take place in 2020 due to the COVID_19 crisis!

For me, Gannat Festival has been like a family... this 10-day festival held annually in July since the last 48 years, has brought together dancers, musicians, artists, volunteers, and a large audience from all continents, advocating a super-diversity of cultural exchanges, musical and choreographic practices. These celebrations, combining local culture and traditional exchanges, were initiated nearly fifty years ago by Jean Roche and his association La Bourrée Gannatoise, which brings together and interprets the musical and dance cultures of northern Auvergne. Today, the National Association Cultures du Monde, which organizes the festival, is an official representative of the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO, and a partner-member of many prestigious European institutions for the safeguarding of musical and folklore traditions (CIOFF, EMC, IMC, AMTA, etc.). The festivities witness participation of nearly 30,000 visitors each year and allow local populations to interact with people from all over the world in a wide range of languages. Will be there in 2021! #Gannat #Folklore #Festival #World #Culture #France #Auvergne #Intangible #Heritage

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