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Highlighting the Fight Against Caste Discrimination in Australia: My Feature in Indian Link

I was recently featured in an article by Prutha Chakraborty in Indian Link, where I discussed the urgent need to confront caste discrimination. As an Indian-Australian academic and filmmaker inspired by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar's teachings, I've been deeply engaged in understanding and challenging caste biases in both India and Australia. This feature highlights my journey from experiencing caste discrimination in India to advocating for a caste-free society and addressing casteism in Australia. It underscores my commitment to multiculturalism and diversity, my personal experiences with caste discrimination, and my efforts towards fostering an inclusive society. My role in academia and various councils has been a significant part of this journey. I believe it's crucial for everyone to become an anti-caste ally by educating themselves and challenging casteist attitudes.

Read the full article here: [Become an anti-caste ally if you haven’t already: Vikrant Kishore

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