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Leading the ICAN2 Conference: Dr Vikrant Kishore's Role in Advancing Indian Cinema Discourse

I have had the privilege of leading the ICAN2 Conferences, hosted by Deakin University, Australia, and Delhi Metropolitan Educations' School of Media, Noida.

The first edition held in November 2018, this conference focused on the evolving landscape of Indian Cinema and its growing bilateral ties with Australia.

As the Course Director at Deakin University, I explored the dynamic aspects of Indian Cinema, particularly post-2000s, emphasizing its reception, distribution, and collaboration. The conference highlighted the crucial need for academic collaboration between Australia and India in media studies, fostering a deeper understanding of Indian cinema's impact and evolution. With over 70 papers presented and participation from numerous Indian media schools and universities, ICAN2 set a precedent for future academic and cultural exchanges.

Read more about the conference here: ICAN2 Conference on Indian Cinema and Alternate Networks.

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