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Dr Kishore reappointed Advisory Committee member of the Scanlon Foundation research Institute

Dr Vikrant Kishore has been a member of the advisory committee of the prestigious Scanlon Foundation research Institute since 2020, and recently he was re-appointed in the advisory committee for 2020-21 on an honorary basis.

Scanlon Foundation research Institute undertakes research to help Australia advance as a welcoming, prosperous and cohesive nation, particularly where this relates to the transition of migrants into Australian society.

As an advocate for multiculturalism, social cohesion, and integration,Dr Kishore is aware that there is much needed in the multicultural area to create adaptability, connectedness, and inclusiveness, and has always put forth the perspective and interest of the multicultural communities in Australia.

As an academic, Filmmaker, Journalist and a community representative Dr Kishore believes in creating a space for multicultural presence through community art, films and cultural activities.

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